Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

Woot!  Today, Melissa over at Shabby Love informed me she was giving me a "Versatile Blogger" award!  Aww, my first bloggy award!  Thank you so much Melissa!  Go over & check out her blog, she does some amazing things in her home... check out her craft room, I'm so jealous!  Anyway, I'm so excited to get this award!  Here's the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share seven things about yourself (such a random number!)
3. Pass this award along to 10 recently discovered blogs

So, seven things about myself... let's see...

1) I got married to my wonderful hubby Brendan just this past June.  He is an intern in Pediatrics.  Once intern year is over we'll have two more years of residency before moving on to fellowship.  Did you know, being a doctor is crazy hard work (for many years!) & being a doctor's wife can really have it's challenges, but I love the guy like crazy sauce!  And he's good with the kiddos, which will come in handy someday, especially since I'm kinda hopeless with them.

Photo by Amy at Pure Amour
2) I'm a runner & have been since high school.  I used to be pretty good when I was younger, now I'm no superstar, but it's fun.  I've done 3 marathons (Detroit, Flying Pig in Cincinnati, and Chicago) and a whole bunch of half marathons & shorter races too.  I'm doing a 5K on Thanksgiving, and I'm running Rock n Roll's Strip at Night half-marathon in Vegas in a couple of weeks!

3) I have a BS in Legal Studies from Grand Valley State University (I HEART GVSU!!!  Go Lakers!) and a MPA from the University of Michigan- Flint.  When I was at Grand Valley, I was on the Dance Team.  I had danced since I was like 5.  I don't do it anymore, but dance team was an amazing part of my college experience.

4) I love wine!  Particularly reds, anything except Merlot.  For some reason I can't stand most Merlot.  I love Shiraz though!  It's one of the main reasons I love going to Traverse City, they have some great wineries up there.  We also went to San Francisco for our honeymoon partly so that we could explore wine country a bit.  I love going to wine tastings & trying new things.  Trader Joe's & Whole Foods wines are my friend :)  Yea inexpensive wine!  We're also planning on going to Finger Lakes in New York for our 1st anniversary!  (Any suggestions on places to stay or wineries to check out?  Help us out, we've never been!)

5) In addition to my regular full time job have a part time job timing races.  Not only do I love running, I pretty much just love races & being at them & the atmosphere that surrounds racing.  Everyone is so supportive of each other & it's amazing to see those first-time 5K runners crossing the finish line!  It's so inspirational!  Working with a timing crew, I get to go around the state on weekends & time various races.  We do chip timing, so it's pretty much all computerized, but there's a lot that goes into it that you wouldn't think about.  Greatest part time job ever!

6) I have been to three other countries.  Canada (not that exciting when you live less than a half hour from the bridge), England (in high school, I went with a US team to run a couple of races there), and Saudi Arabia.  A few years ago, I had a job working for the Provost of a new university there, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology- KAUST.  Have you heard of it?  It's the first co-ed university in KSA.  I worked for them before the opening of the school, helping with admissions & hiring academic staff.  Amazing experience.  I got to go there to train some people before the school opened.  I must say, it was very different than I was expecting.  I expected to feel much more defensive as a women than I did.  Granted, I was in Jeddah, which is probably the least heavily restricted city over there, but it wasn't as "bad" as I thought it'd be.  HOT, interesting, but pretty nice!  The below picture is my coworker & I on campus, it was under construction at the time.

7) That photo reminds me, I'm really short.  :-)  I'm 5'0.  Yup.  My mother is 5'2 & she always told me growing up that I would be taller than her.  She promised.  She LIED!  Waaa!  Haha, ok, I don't really mind, I don't know what life would be like if I was taller, except I probably wouldn't have to get all of my pants hemmed & I could see the top of the refrigerator.  Hehe!

Another Pure Amour Pic!
So there you go!  7 things about ME!  I know, I'm so exciting right?  Uh....

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