Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Childhood Dresser, Refinished!

My husband & I each have our own dressers. Mine sits in our bedroom, his sits in our office across the hall. We both use our dressers that we've had since our childhood. I wanted to give mine an update so that it would lighten up the room some & just be prettier. So here's what my dresser looked like before I gave her a makeover:

Yep, not very cute right?  Notice I already had all of my supplies out & sitting next to it before I remembered to take this picture. 

Right after taking this picture, I took all of the drawers out, put them outside on the back patio & removed the hardware.  I then pulled the dresser outside as well.  I spray painted the hardware with an oil rubbed bronze by Rust-Oleum.  It's so pretty when you use it outside, it sparkles!  Anyway, the next step was to sand the whole thing down.  I did this by hand, just to get it a little scratched up so that the paint would adhere.  Then I swiped on some primer.  I use KILZ General Purpose Interior water based primer.

I only used one coat of primer, and once that was dry, I got to painting.  I used a small, corner paint roller to paint the dresser.  It went on really smoothly & I only needed one coat w/ some touch-ups.  The paint I used was Behr in "Prelude" in an eggshell finish.  This is a grey-blue color.  I just got a quart of it, and I had a ton left over for future projects.

After painting & letting it dry, I sanded her down to give her a little bit of a worn in look & bring out some of the details of the piece.  Not a ton of distressing, but just enough.  Once it was looking how I wanted, I broke out the wax & got to waxing it.  I use Minwax Paste Finishing Wax just because it's easy to get at our local Home Depot.  Let it sit a couple of hours then buff it with a rag.

Once buffed, I replaced the hardware, brought it back into the bedroom & put the drawers back in.  Isn't she beeeeeautiful!?!?

I really love the color that we picked.  I actually brought home the graduated paint chip this was on & liked the color that was one shade lighter than this one.  Brendan liked this one though.  So we brought them to my parent's place a couple of weeks ago & asked them.  Mom agreed with me, Dad agreed with Brendan.  I eventually did decide to go with this one though after asking a few more people & I'm soo glad I did.  Good eye hubs... you were right...

I LOVE it even more than I thought I would.  It looks perfect in our room & goes great with the look I have in mind from my master bedroom mood board that I shared last week.

So what do you think?  Brendan picked a good color didn't he?  Point, Brendan.  Sigh... it's so lovely!  

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Monday, September 26, 2011

An Autumn Wreath

I know there are a lot of autumn wreaths going around on Pinterest & blogs, but I have done my own too & wanted to share it as well!  Mine was done for about $7 & was ready to hang in less than an hour!

Foam wreath from the Dollar Store ($1)
2 rolls of ribbon from the Dollar Store ($1 each)
3 flowers from Michaels ($1 each)
1 bag of fall leaves from Michaels ($1)
Hot glue gun & glue (on hand)
Mod Podge (on hand)

The first thing that I did for this project was wrap the foam wreath with my ribbon.  I used two different color ribbons, because you don't really see it in the end, but you may want to get two of the same color.  I attached the ribbon at the start with a bit of mod podge to hold it, and then again some mod podge at the end after finishing the wrapping. 

Once that was done, I got out the hot glue gun & started gluing the fall leaves into place.  I started with the largest leaves at the bottom, and worked my way up to the smaller leaves.  I continued adding leaves until the wreath was completely covered.

Once the leaves were on, I added the flowers.  These came on stems, and were easy to just pop off.  I thought I'd have to cut them, but as I was trying to do so on the first one, it came flying off.  Wow, that was easy.  So I popped the flowers off of their stems and glued them onto the wreath.

I next took a long piece of leftover ribbon & folded it in half.  I glued the ends together, then glued those ends to the back of the wreath.  After letting it sit to dry for about 20 minutes.  It was time to hang it on my door!

I really like how this turned out.  It is a small & simple fall wreath that gives my door a little bit of color for when people arrive.  I love that the leaves are so many different colors, and some of them are even sparkly!  Gotta love anything that sparkles!

This is an amazing time of year!  Pretty colors & football & apple orchards.  Mmmm cider & donuts... gonna have to make a run to the cider mill for that this week :)  Have you done a seasonal wreath for fall?  Has autumn even started yet where you live?  The leaves on our trees are turning colors & falling now.  I keep finding pretty ones when walking along in town.  Amazing!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

A new pencil holder

I love pencils. Mechanical ones. I like using them much more than pens. I have my own little stash of them at work. If I have the choice, I will pick a mechanical pencil over any other writing utensil at any time. At my new desk at home, I was using a plastic black pencil holder that I've had for as long as I can remember. I probably got it back in college at some point. Well, I wanted something a little bit snazzier for my new snazzy desk. This is quite possibly the most simple project ever. I have a bunch of leftover mason jars from our wedding. At the wedding, they held floral beads & water-proof battery-powered tea lights & were little lanterns. Like this:

Photo by our amazing photographer Pure Amour

So now we have a ton of them, so if you think of any awesome mason jar projects let me know... I'm on the hunt! Anyway, for this one, I just needed one mason jar, without a lid. I got some red spray paint, took them outside, sat the jar on the ground upside down & spray painted the whole thing on the outside of it. I moved around the jar to get it on all sides. I didn't want to try to move it around to spay the back, and I certainly didn't need to be spraying the paint towards myself to get the backside either, so I was crouched on the ground moving around my tiny mason jar. After I let it dry a while, I brought it inside, stuck in my pencils (and pens too) & plopped it on my desk.

See, easiest project ever huh? I love it though. It is much more "me" than my old black plastic thing was. Very cute.

So what do you think? Have you done any mason jar projects lately?

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Building a Magnetic Chalk Board

Once my desk was built, I realized I really wanted a chalkboard as well.  I thought about purchasing one off etsy, but once I found out about chalk paint, I figured I'd just make one myself.  I also decided that I wanted to have my chalkboard be magnetic.  I had heard about magnetic paint as well, and thought I'd use that method, although from what I had read, I'd have to use a number of coats to get the desired effect.

I was on a constant hunt for a large frame or mirror to make into my creation, until, when telling my parents about my plans one day, they suggested I use a giant mirror that used to be up in their house when I was a child.  It had been sitting in the basement unused for years.  I agreed, it would be perfect!  So, I went that very day to Home Depot to gather supplies:

First I found some spray paint in the color I wanted, then I grabbed the spray chalk paint.  The yellow I used was Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover in gloss warm yellow.  I also grabbed some magnetic paint, which was way more expensive than I was expecting.  I then went to find particle board to use for the back board.  While getting the particle board, I was busy wondering if I really needed it to be magnetic, since the paint was so expensive & I wasn't even sure if it would work.  That's when a brilliant idea was formed (in my humble opinion) sheet metal!  I replaced the particle board, replaced the magnetic paint & went to find a large sheet of sheet metal.  MUCH cheaper!  Nice!

I gathered all of my supplies at home.  Sorry I don't have pictures of the whole process, as I did this a few weeks ago, pre-blog- I'll get better at it.  Well, the mirror was easy enough to pop out of the frame (my parents kept it for possible future use).  I then used the mirror to measure & mark what I'd need to cut from the sheet metal, then cut it down to size with scissors.  If you do this, BE CAREFUL!  Sheet metal edges are SHARP!  You should probably use gloves to do it.  There might even be a better way to do this (if you know of one let me know!) but scissors was the only way I knew of.  Then I brought the frame & cut metal outside for painting.

Brendan signed his name there to show me that my cursive r's are wrong... whatev...

A couple coats of yellow on the frame & a few coats of chalk paint on the sheet metal & it was ready!  This project was so easy & inexpensive!

Hum... it looks a little crooked here... must adjust...

I popped the new chalkboard into the frame and stuck it on the wall.  I LOVE it!  It is just the right size for the space & it's so helpful that it's both a place to leave notes to myself & stick up papers with various notes as well.  I'd like to get/make some new cuter magnets for it, but for now, the ones I stole from our fridge work.  Make sure that once your board is up, you run the side of a piece of caulk around the whole board & wipe it off so that it's a little broken in, and your first words on the board wont "burn" into it.

You can see here that I was too short to reach the very top when I ran my chalk over it the first time

So that's my new chalkboard.  Such an easy project, but such a big impact.  I love it!  What do you think?

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