Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photobook America "Pro" Album Review!

Last week I told you about my experience with MyPublisher in making some parents albums for B & my parents for Christmas.  Well, after I ordered & received those, I was totally jealous that our parents had albums, but we didn't.  We still haven't ordered prints either.  We're lame.  But that got me going on getting our album ready & purchased!  Go me!

I ordered our album from Photobook America.  I did a lot of research on different companies, and went with them because it seemed that they would produce the most professional looking album without having to go through a photographer to get it.  Once I had chosen them, I hunted for a Groupon to purchase to get the cost down a little bit.  These books aren't super cheep my friends, but I promise they were totally worth it.  Ours would have been about $300 without the Groupon.

We ended up going with their "Pro" series.  So pretty!  We got the leather ebony cover, and it has the title stamped on the front, which you can see in the photo above.  We wanted a square book, so I got the 12 x 12.  It's huge!  I heart.

The pictures inside are beautiful.  The colors are very clear.  The pages are made of great quality 216 gsm premium silk.  They are thick!  You can also get a matching case for your book if you like (we did not).  As you can see, I went with a plain white background, so as to not take away from the photos themselves.  Also, they are actually much more clear & the colors more vibrant in real life than they look in these photos.  Photos of photos are difficult!

One of the great things about the Pro Photobooks is that you can get up to 80 pages included in the original price.  That's a lot I think.  A lot more than some others I've seen.  We ended up with 78 pages in ours.  Just enough!  They also offer a lot of different layouts for your pages.  I would figure out how many pictures I wanted on a page, choose that number, and it'd give me a bunch of layout options for a page with that number of pictures.  I liked that.  I'm not that great at figuring out good proportions for pictures, so if I didn't have preset layouts to choose from, it would have been a mess!  :-)

Ordering it, again, was kind of tricky.  I put it in my cart & paid, and thought I was done.  But then I got an email a couple of days later telling me that I hadn't uploaded my book yet for printing.  So I followed the link back in & saw that I needed to load it... which took a couple of hours for my computer to do.  I just left it running while I went to work.  When I left (about an hour after I started the load) it was about halfway done, so I'm thinking it probably took about 2 hours or so.  It took about a week and a half for our book to get to us, but I ordered it on New Years Eve, so I'm sure that probably delayed production & it might be faster at other times during the year. 

I'm very happy with the quality of our book and I would recommend the Pro series books to others who were wanting to create their own professional looking album. It is everything I hoped that our album would have, nice thick pages, nice leather cover, vibrant colors.  While I don't think I'd use this for just any photobook, I think I made a good choice for our our wedding album.  Now I just need to get on ordering some prints!

Has anyone else gotten a Pro album through Photobook America? If you purchased your wedding album through a photobook service directly instead of through your photographer, who did you use?

Note:  All of our professional photos were done by Amy at Pure Amour.  She's awesome.  If you're a Michigan girl check her out!

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