Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crocheted Baby Blanket - About as Easy as They Come

Yesterday when I shared with you the dresser that I refinished into a changing table, I told you that I gave our friends another gift for their coming baby that took more time to produce than the dresser did.  That gift was a baby afghan!  After I crocheted my little winter hat a few weeks ago, I kinda was "hooked" by the crochet bug & I suddenly am unable to stop.  I decided that I was going to make them an afghan for their wee one.

I probably went a little overboard & made it a bit bigger than a usual baby afghan might be.  I'm not really sure how large they usually are, but mine was about 50+ inches square.  It's pretty much a giant granny square, that I just kept going on.  I don't know a whole lot of stitches, and I don't even know what this is called, but basically, I did a chain circle, then in the circle (3 double crochet, 2 chain) x4, then slip stitch to complete that round.  Then I kind of kept going around & around increasing each row as I went.

Ok, so I realize that this all sounds like gibberish, so I just googled around to try to find a suitable video demonstration to direct you to if you're interested.  This video appears to be very similar to what I did, only instead of stopping at a little square, I just kept going for-ev-er.  :)  The pattern I followed was 3 rounds white, 2 rounds grey, 1 round yellow.  I used a super soft baby yarn, and I loved it!  I kinda want one for me now made with that lovely soft yarn!  Next on the list?

Have you ever crocheted anything this large?  This blanket took me a little over 3 weeks to complete, and I was working on it a couple hours a day.  This is the biggest thing I've ever done, but I'm somewhat inspired now to try to make one big enough to hang out at the foot of our bed to add a little color.  Hum.  If I do another one though I'll try to find an actual pattern.  Something chevron maybe?  I've been pinning crochet stuff up a storm lately.  It's an addiction!

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