Thursday, March 15, 2012

Treasure Hunting Thursday - A Lamp to Makeover

As you know, I've been working a bit on our master bedroom lately.  None of our bedrooms in our house have overhead lighting.  Where normally a light would go in the center of the ceiling, there is instead the heat vent for that room.  Is this weird?  I had never seen it before.  Anyway, we currently have one uplight floor lamp in our bedroom.  It's the only light in the room.  We have it connected to the switch by the door because the light switch when you enter the room goes to that outlet.  However, we really need more light.  I want to add some bedside lamps on either side of our bed.  I purchased one the other day, that I plan on making over to go with our decor.... or at least my vision for our decor :)  Then I'll find another similar sized one to make over for the other side.

Now that I have one, I need to brainstorm ideas of how I'd like it to look!  Here's how it looks now in all it's brassy ugly lampshade glory.

Here's some of the inspiring projects I've found around blog world lately.  There are different things that I like about each of them.  Check out their links to learn more.

This one is a very interesting shape.  I love the bright white color & she gives a great tutorial on how she covered the light shade with fabric.

33 Shades of Green
 These are so pretty.  They are spray painted AND stained.

Natty by Design
You should see the before on this one.  See, it's pretty amazing what spay paint can do.  Love the ruffles on this one too!  It cost her $7.

Girls with Good Taste
I think what I like most about this next one is the simplicity of it.  Simple white with a white shade with a little pop in the added ribbon trim.  So pretty!

In My Own Style
And this one I love the bright color!  It would totally pop in a mostly-neutral room like my bedroom will be.

Gardners 2 Burgers
This one was a brassy lamp too to begin with.  It's totally too girly for our room, but I like the little belt-like embellishment she added!

Shelley Inspired
Ok, this one taught me something new.  Apparently you can take off that outdated accordion stuff from the rest of the lamp shade?  I totally need to try this with mine.  Then you don't have to buy a new shade, just cover it with fabric.  Got the wheels turning.  Go check out her post to see more about it.  Love the embellishment again!

Thrifty & Chic
I love Mandi's site in general, and these lamps she did a few months ago are so fun & bright!  I love the his & hers decals on them.

Vintage Revivals
What do you think?  Should I go bold & colorful or subtle & white or cute & embellished?  Hum.  Who knew deciding what to do with a lamp could be so hard!  It must be pretty, but not too girly-pretty that hubby wont like it.

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