Thursday, March 8, 2012

Treasure Hunting Thursday - Scales

I found this scale a few weeks ago.  An old baby scale, probably from our nearby Children's Hospital.  I thought it was cute, and would look really great cleaned up with a little tea towel in it & some fruit in it in the kitchen.  It was $40 though, so it didn't come home with me.

There are so many cute antique scales around blog world!  There are many different styles as well.  Check out some of the pretties that I found.

My Sweet Savannah
Katie Wells Photography
Brabourne Farm
Restore Interiors
Compulsively Compiled
Miss Mustard Seed
WhisperWood Cottage
You see how beautiful these can be?  Now I REALLY want to find one that's a little less expensive to use in my kitchen.  They are just so beautiful!  Which of these is your favorite?

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