Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Basement Laundry Room - Complete Build

A few months ago, my parents decided to update their laundry area.  My parents live in the same house I grew up in, and their laundry has always been in the basement.  I'm about to show you why my dad is a flippin' expert on all things building & home DIY related.  At least I think so.  He's talented in fixing things & building things for the home on a budget.  When I was young, he built our swing set (made of wood, by scratch, his own design) our shed, our back deck, the extension to the back deck, the dog house, the wooden path to our front porch... the list goes on & on.

They also are constantly renovating & making updates & changes to their home.  So as I said, their laundry is in the basement.  At this time it looks like this.

Just a couple of months ago, it looked like this.

WOAH!  I know right?  Oh that dresser in the front that you see the back of here, that's the dresser they gave me for our tv stand project.  Here it is from that same angle.

The shelves on the left there my dad built for storage when I was younger.  The cabinets above the machines were actually my idea.  My dad had been putting this project off because he wasn't sure what to do with that back wall.  He wanted to be able to have access to all of that stuff, the pipes & things, behind the washer & drier.  I thought he could put open cabinets up there, each with a shelf or two, which would give Mom storage for her laundry things, as well as cover the ugly, while still providing access to those things.  I dreamed, he executed!

He also put in a drop ceiling.  I went to Home Depot with him when he got the materials.  It takes a lot of math to figure out all the materials needed for a drop ceiling.  We argued over the math for a while, but we figured it out eventually.  He also put in the recessed lighting, for which there is a new light switch right outside the door to the room.

It also has a raised floor.  Thus, it's not as cold & hard to stand on as the cement basement floor, and also it is a protection in case the washing machine floods or leaks at all at some point.  They also put a little counter top in the corner for folding & sorting.  We don't really iron in our family, but Mom got a new little tiny ironing board as well... see it there on the ground unopened :-)

This is a better picture of the storage shelves that my dad build a long time ago.  They were just brown ugly shelves before, but they decided to but doors on the top shelves to hide away some things, while leaving the bottom shelves open.  Mom laid down some new liners on the shelves, and they painted the whole thing as well.  It's so pretty now!

So that's an introduction to my parent's awesomeness.  They did this project very inexpensively, considering all that had to be done, electric work, building walls, putting up drywall, lighting, ceiling, cabinets, painting, counter, floor... it was also done very quickly.  Within a month of time.

Apparently we need to hurry up & buy a house so that my dad can help me fix it up before they move away some day.  He always reminds me of this haha!

So what do you think?  Didn't they do a great job?  I know, I have rockstar parents :-)

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