Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spray Painted Brass Lamp - Light For Our Bedroom

Do you remember this lamp that I told  you I bought & was trying to think what I wanted to do with it?  Well, that was like, MONTHS ago, and I finally got my act together & fixed it up!  This lamp is now in our bedroom on my bedside table.  Check it out!

Yea!  I"m so excited about how this turned out!  I ended up spray painting this lamp ORANGE!  Lovely!  I figured since it's supposed to be the color of the year, I should add it into a little piece of my decor.  The bedroom seemed like an ideal place since it was previously pretty much just brown, white & light blue.  So now there's this pop of orange which is a lovely way to perk up the room with a little punch of color.

I'd been wanting a lamp in our bedroom for a while.  We haven't had any bedside lamps, so whenever I was reading in bed, when I finished, I had to get up to walk to the light switch by the door in order to turn the floor lamp off.  Now, I have this lamp bedside which is so much more convenient.

As you may recall, this lamp was nothing special.  Here it is all taped up & ready to paint.

Just your everyday brass lamp.  Pretty cool shape though, & as I recall it was pretty inexpensive. The shade was pretty disgusting though.   It had some major stains on it & was pretty much not salvageable for this.  There's the Valspar paint that I used there in the background of this picture. 

I applied 3 coats of really thin spay paint.  I wanted to make sure that I didn't have any drips.  I also tried to make sure that I sprayed it from many different angles to get into all of its little nooks & crannies.  I love that the weather is now good enough to use my spray paint!  Hooray!

Once it was dry I brought that baby inside & placed it on my nightstand.  I went to Target for a lampshade, and while there, I saw a lamp they had for sale that was almost EXACTLY like mine.  Only it was yellow instead of orange.  Same kind of shape, same kind of size.  I was all bummed that I didn't have my camera with me, but don't worry I found it for you!  You can see it here.  Tee hee!

Ok, so I got a lampshade for about $18 & stuck it on my lamp, & it was amazing :)

Yea for pretty lamps!  I'm totally a fan.  The color is fun & I LOVE having that light there!  Woot, happiness!!!!!

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