Friday, June 15, 2012

JoAnn Fabrics Beginner Sewing Class & My Two Inherited Sewing Machines

You may know that I've been whining for a while about how I wanted a sewing machine.  I asked for one for Christmas last year but didn't get one.  However, I have now inherited two!  They are very different machines, but my father-in-law brought them for me to have the last time that he came to town.  They were my mother-in-law's.  She had a number of sewing machines & was very into sewing.  When my father-in-law found out I was wanting a sewing machine, he chose two to give to me of hers.  I'm pretty excited to learn how to use them!

The first is a 1964 Singer.  Yea for reals.  I'm pretty sure it still works too, but I'm not sure how to use it at all.  Wait, I'm not sure how to use either of these machines, but this one especially.

So cute right!?  Also, it came in the cutest little travel box, which also had the manual in it, and a few other supplies specifically for this machine.

The second machine that I received is a Husqvarna Viking.  I'm not sure about the year on this one.  It is much more complicated looking don't you think? 

I believe this is a pretty high quality machine.  Look at all of those buttons!  This is the one I'm going to be trying to learn on first.  It also came with some various supplies specific for this machine.  I need to get reading on the manual & figure this guy out!

Since I inherited these two machines, I decided to take the introduction to sewing class held at my local JoAnn Fabrics.  I literally have never sewn before & have never sat in front of ANY kind of sewing machine, so I thought it was important to go to a very introductory class to learn the basics.  I knew NOTHING.  The class was really informative & helped me learn the basics about how a sewing machine works.  We used the store's machines, so I didn't get to practice on mine yet, but at least I know a few things about them so that I can try tinkering with mine & not feel completely helpless with it.

I really found the class helpful, so if you're thinking about taking one, I recommend it.  I'm going to be going back hopefully next month to take one of their other sewing classes so that I can actually make something simple.  I'll be figuring out some basics with my machine before then, because all of the rest of their sewing classes you use your own machine for.  Ahhh I can't wait!  I've been wanting to learn to sew for quite a while.  You can see my enthusiasm in my practically overflowing with ideas sewing Pinterest board.

So, any suggestions for me?  Do you know anything about my Husqvarna machine?  Links to really good tutorial videos or blog posts would be great too if you know of some.  I can use any help I can get!  Thanks bloggy friends!

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  1. Sarah I have a handicapped mother n she wants to sew so bad handed. She has the very same hysqavarna machine n I no nothing about it. I was thinking of tsking s clsss at joanns to learn so I can sew fir her or help her sew. . As ny suggestions about the links for the lily machine.


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