Friday, June 22, 2012

Patriotic Bath Salts - My Point of View - And a Linky Party!

I was pretty excited when Leanne from Organize & Decorate Everything asked me if I'd like to guest-participate in the monthly Point of View party for this month.  Of coarse I said yes!  The theme for this month was Patriotic as a nod to the upcoming Independence Day holiday.

The project that I did was super simple, but I know I will be enjoying it for months to come.  I made Independence Day bath salts!

That's right... BATH SALTS.  Mmm-hum, in the summer time.  I know what you are thinking.  What the heck Sarah are you nuts?!  Who takes baths in the summer time?  Well, I do.  But typically they are cool baths or even ice baths after long runs.  Yea, with ICE in the tub.  I'm crazy, it's true.

But, also, I know you do take showers still in the summer time (at least I hope you do...) and bath salts are great for sprinkling in the tub or shower floor for their relaxing scent while in the shower.  They are also really good for soaking your feet after a long hard day.  So bath salts it is!  And if you really really don't think you need salts right now, you can always pin this tutorial for later!  The pinterest button is down at the end of the post. (wink wink nudge nudge)

Ok, so on with the tutorial!  I got everything for this project at Michaels.  Here are the supplies used:

*2lbs of Mineral & Dead Sea Salt
*Cucumber Melon scented oil
*Colorants made for soap in red, yellow & blue

I love the cucumber melon scent!  They have many others as well if you like something else.  Or you can get a couple of different ones so that you can switch it up.

I knew I was going to fill 3 mason jars with my salts, so for each of the red white & blue jars, I first measured out how much I was going to need by filling the mason jars with the salt right out of the container.  Then I prepared each jar one at a time.

I pored the salts from one mason jar into a small bowl.  First I added the scent.  For these small mason jars, I added about 5 drops of oil.  This was right for me, but you may want more or less depending on how much scent you want & how strong of a scent you have. 

Once that was all mixed in, I was done with the white batch.  I just added it back to the mason jar.  For the red & the blue, I then added coloring.  I added a little at a time until I was happy with the color, which was about 10 drops for the red & 8 for the blue.  Make sure you use color made for soap products.  I can just picture using salts made with regular old food coloring.  I'm thinking your bath will likely end up a tad colored.  That's no good.  So once it was all mixed & the salts were evenly colored, they were added back to their mason jars as well.

Of coarse, I had to add a little ribbon for embellishment just to make it even prettier.  They smell so amazing & they look really cute & patriotic sitting in my bathroom.  See

I love 'em!  Plus I have a bunch of plain salts left over, so when I use all these, I'll be able to make another batch to replace them!  Love that.

All of the girls from the regular Point of View team put together great projects!  Go check them out!


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Leanne's from Organize & Decorate Everything,
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Thank you so much girls for asking me to guest with you this month!  So excited to be included!

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