Monday, July 2, 2012

The Number One Way to Get Things Done

As you may now know, I am a busy busy girl.  I currently work 3 jobs, and manage keep our house clean & laundry done & make dinner for us most nights.  Last month, I worked 16 days in a row at my full-time & part-time jobs.  That's not including the blog & etsy shop work.  Maybe you wonder how I get it all done?  Sometimes I wonder how I get it all done.  Truth.  Actually though, I KNOW how I get it done, & I'm gonna share it with you.

I am not super-human.  I do sleep at least 6-7 hours a night.  I don't have kids yet, so that probably contributes to my good sleeping habits, but I do have a husband who is a medical resident & regularly interrupts my sleep schedule with his early &/or late hours.

So what's the number one way to get things done?  DO IT NOW!  You know those things that you don't like to do or don't want to do?  Do them, right now.  You know when you see something around the house that needs to be cleaned up & think, I should really do that later?  Do it now!  Don't wait 'till later.  You'll likely forget about it & it'll be like that for days.

Basically, whenever you catch yourself saying you'll do something "later", if it's a job that will take 5 min or less, don't wait until later, do it now instead.  It works.  I get so much more done by doing little 5 min jobs whenever I see them throughout the day than I would doing an hour of cleaning every day.

I think that it's a good thing to teach kids too.  When I was a kid I would always want to say "I'll do it later" when asked to do different chores, and my mom's response was always "No, you'll do it now".  I also was held responsible for my own messes, and if I left a mess in the kitchen for example & went to bed, my mom would get me up out of bed to clean up my own mess.  I think this also teaches that no one else is going to do your job for you, so if you want to enjoy your day, you should clean up after yourself as you go.

This strategy can also be used with things like making phone calls.  I hate talking on the phone in general, but I especially dislike calling places like the doctors or hair salon to make appointments.  This is something I notoriously put off & put off.  I've been trying to just make those calls as soon as I need to.

I find that using this strategy has been very helpful in getting my business started in a timely manner.  I did a lot of research & brainstorming before starting, but I did carve time out of every day to do that & to get things ready to open.  In order to make room for this, I had to make sure I was making good use of all of my other available time & getting things done as I needed to.

Give it a try this week.  The next time you see something that needs to be done & you tell yourself you'll do it later, catch yourself & do it now instead.

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