Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Autumn Wreath- Decor for Fall

It's starting to feel like fall here in Michigan!  I really love fall.  I love how it's not so hot in our un-air-conditioned house.  I love that I don't have to get up at seriously crazy hours to work races 'cause they are all able to start later in the morning since they don't have to "beat the heat".  I love the pretty leaves changing & the smell outside.  I love cider & donuts & pie & apples.  Oh it's lovely.  There are only two things I don't like about it... the fact that winter comes next & that the days start to get shorter.  No more having light ouside 'till 9pm.  booo.

Anyway, now that it's autumn, my summer wreath that's been hanging on my door since March was no longer cutting it.  I had to change it up!  Do you remember my wreath from last year?  Probably not since I only had like 2 readers.  Um, my wreath this year is much much better I must say.  Oh & my photography has improved big time.  It's still not very good compared to lots of other bloggers, but it's still 800x better than it was a year ago.

So here it is!

Oh I love it I love it I love it!

All it took was a foam wreath, some fall-colored felt, yarn & a stem of leafy berry branches that I got at Joann's.

I wrapped my wreath just like I did my winter snowflake wreath last year.  Then I made a bunch of flowers like I did for my bathroom hooks.  I used hot glue to secure the branches to the wreath first, then started randomly adding my flowers so that they ran along the bottom of the wreath & covered the end of the branches.

It's hanging on our front door, so it's behind our screen door, protected a bit from the elements, but still visible from the street.

I love it so much, I think it's very pretty & autumn-y.  Have you made a wreath for fall?  Tell me about yours in the comments!  I want to see!

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