Monday, November 26, 2012

Binding Stitches: Case Binding

Today I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite kinds of handbound books to create.  These are my case bound books.

Case bound Christmas birds

I love them because the look & feel like books you buy in the store.  The binding is backed by a piece of bookboard, and it's covered in bookcloth, then I give each book a decorative paper to cover the rest of the bookboard covers.  Bookcloth is a material used in bookbinding that is a type of cloth or fabric on the front, and paper on the back.  This makes it easy to manipulate around book covers, but also makes it easier to attach & create creases where they are wanted.

Case bound flowers

The bookcloth I usually use is Japanese bookcloth.  This bookcloth comes in many different colors & is really beautiful.  It is made of various amounts of rayon, silk, and linen.  I order large sheets of this bookcloth to use in my projects, and cut it down to fit the size of the book I'm making.

Case bound blue flowers

All of my books in this style are currently the same size: 6 inches by 4.5 inches & 64 pages, but I am certainly willing to do larger or smaller books in the same style if requested.

Case bound purple metallic flowers

To make these books, the materials needed are:

Bookboard (which I cut to size for a front cover, back cover, and strip for the binding)
Decorative cover paper
Fly sheet paper (typically Bugra for me)
Text or artist paper (hand cut to size)
Waxed thread
Headbands (cut to size)
"Super" (spine reimforcement)

These books are somewhat labor intensive because of all the different paper cuts that need to be done & all of the measuring & getting the covers ready & attached to the bookblock.  (A book block is the block of pages once they have all been cut & folded & sewn together).  I would say each one probably takes me somewhere around 45 min or so to complete from start to finish.  Not counting time spent pressing, as with all my books :)

Case bound blue & yellow

So if you're looking for a journal that looks & feels like a book you'd find in the store, but it handmade, a case bound book is probably the way to go.  These are lovely little books just waiting for all your inspired notes to fill them!

Lots of case bound books :)
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