Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Get In My Belly! Cool Weather Pies!

I love pie!  I used to hate pie (I know, what was wrong with me!?)  I pretty much said I didn't like cooked fruit, or "caramelized fruit" I would call it.  Fruit that had sugar added making it all gooey... yea I didn't like that.

Blueberry Crumble from Williams-Sonoma

But lately, I've been giving pies another try.  I went on that spree of making tons of strawberry pies in the spring, and now I'm becoming a little obsessed with apple pies.  I feel like I need to branch out some & make some other fruit pies this fall as well.  Mmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about all the yummy possibilities!

Peach Crumb Bars from Brown Eyed Baker

I have found I tend to like crumble toppings best on my fruit pies.  More than like the additional crust placed over the fruit.  Which do you like better?

Apple Crumble Pie from This & That
I do like pumpkin pie too.  It used to be the only kind of pie I would eat before I discovered how great fruit pies actually are.  Gonna need to make one of them this year too.

Blackberry Crumble Pie from What About Pie

What is your favorite kind of fall pie?  Give me links!  I must know your favorite so that I can try to make it this season!
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