About Me

Hi!  I'm Sarah, just another gal blogging & creating from Michigan dealing with our two seasons (winter & construction) while trying to make a house a home.  I love doing crafts, and have been learning how to build simple furniture pieces for our home and transforming old things into beautiful things.  I have my own Etsy shop in which I sell my handbound books & journals.  I travel around the state for various art fairs at which I sell my handbound books as well.  I decided to start this blog in order to share my books, as well as the DIY projects that I am working on, and to get to know others interested in the same things as me!

Here are some basics about me.  I am:
  • Married to my awesome husband, Brendan, who is a medical resident in Pediatrics.  
  • A bit of a workaholic.  I work a regular 8-5 job, plus I have a part-time job doing race timing on weekends, & I'm busy with bookbinding buisness!
  • A renter.  We rent our house currently.  Since we're not sure where we'll be when we move on to fellowship, we still rent.  Just one of those joys of being a doctor's wife haha!  Check out some of my rent-friendly adjustments to our home in my Operation Love My Rental posts.
  • A list-maker.  I'm obsessed with lists & planning & calendaring & calculating.
  • A Christian.  I've been becoming more involved in my church & loving feeling like part of the community.
  • A compulsive DIY-er.  I love learning new skills & will always be finding ways to do things myself rather than purchasing them or paying someone else to do them.
  • A thinker, thoughtful, careful, considerate.  I consider others perspectives as much as possible.
  • A happy introvert.  Large groups of people are intimidating to me.  The thought of public speaking makes me unable to breath.
  • I want to be seen as compassionate, merciful, dedicated, joyful, helpful, reliable, true & kind by those who know me.
  • I want to live passionately & in the moment.  I strive to center my mind on the present & not worry about the future, or things that I can not control. I believe God has a plan for me.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope that you will check in with regularly to catch up and see what projects I've been working on.  I'm so excited to get to know each other & I hope that you find inspiration here, as I do in so many other blogs!


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