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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our New Condo! A Little Introduction

Finally, I'm going to introduce you guys to our new little condo.  Keep in mind that we did just move in & haven't gotten to putting much on the walls yet.  And it's much bigger than our old place, so it's much more open.  We're trying to figure out the best ways to make this place our home.  So excited!

So let's go front to back.  Starting with the living room!

Coffee Table Build & Dresser to TV Stand

This photo is facing the front of the place.  The living room is HUGE.  We're contemplating getting rid of that chair in the corner & getting two new chairs & reorganizing the set up a little bit.  But this is working for us for now.

Green Dry Sink

This is looking in the other direction.  I really dislike the window treatments, but they will probably end up staying... maybe I'll think of a way to temporarily cover the fabric on them with something prettier.  That dark green is just so not my thing.  I also kinda am getting the urge to paint this room.  It just looks too pink-y to me.  I'd love a nice cool really really light grey.

Off the living room are the stairs to the front door (we're on the 2nd floor).  There's also a large deep closet down there which is great storage.  There's also the laundry room off the living room, which also contains the heater & water heater.

Then moving towards the back of the house is our kitchen.

OMG it's enormous!  To me anyway.  We have an island.  I have never in my entire life had an island!  Looove it!  The cabinets are really nice too.  I don't think I ever showed you all pictures of our old kitchen, but it was just a builder grade galley kitchen.  Super small.  Plus the laminate counters were different on the right hand side of the kitchen than they were on the left (suuuper classy).  This is a major improvement.  I even kinda like the green paint on the walls.  I wish it was a little more minty, but it's pretty nice.

Turning around, there's a little kitchen nook where we have our table.  We're thinking about a new table for this space.  Maybe a round one??  Not sure.  Also, we need more wine, as you can see by our sadly empty wine rack.  Also you can see the start of the railing there on the right side of the picture, that's to the stairs to the back entrance, into the garage.  Really nice garage!  We can park in it!  And bonus, it doesn't flood like our old completely non-functional one did. 

To the left of where I'm standing when I took the above picture, is the office.

Box of handbound books, Finished File Cabinet, Built Desk
 B's desk is on the other side of the room, so our seats are back to back.  He doesn't have the giant window like I do.  I love that window!  So huge & beautiful to look out when I'm at my desk!

Then, past the kitchen nook there is a hall with some closets, and a bathroom on the left.  Then there is a spare bedroom, which is kinda our "moving storage" right now.  We need to get in there & finish up that stuff, so there's no pictures yet of that room.  But then at the end of the hall is the master bedroom.

Round Bedside Table Refinished

This is from around where the door is to the room.  To the right is a giant walk in closet.  We can both keep our clothes in the master closet!  Yea!  Remember what our old closets looked like?  Haha, yea.

B's Dresser

My Dresser

We also can fit both of our dressers in this room, which we could only fit my small one in our old room & B's larger dresser was in the office.  This room also has high vaulted ceilings which I didn't really get a picture of.  We put our black-out curtains in here.  B likes these for when he works nights & needs to sleep during the day.  I think they are ugly though & plan on covering them eventually.

Oh & see that in the last picture, that's a master bathroom too!

YEA!  We have double sinks, a jetted tub, separate shower too!  And look, I can see more than just my head in the bathroom mirror.  Love that :)  Our mirror in our old place was very small & placed very high (I think, but I'm only 5'0, which could have been part of the problem).  What should I put in that space there on the right in the picture by the sink & tub?  I can't figure it out.... some kind of candle thing?

And that's that.  That's our place.  Lots of projects to do to get it to the place I'd like it to be, but we'll probably move slowly on them.  So much is going on lately & race season is starting up very soon, so I'm gonna have some really full weeks.  Love it though!  We'll be staying here 'till residency is over, so it was important that we found a good place that we liked.  I'm very happy with it & while it's not my "dream home" or anything, I still am very happy & it's a HUGE improvement from where we used to live.

What do you think of our new place?  Any ideas for fun things we should do with it?  Suggestions for paint colors for the living room?

Monday, January 14, 2013

What Will Become The Great Purge of 2013

We have been living in our house for 4 years.  It is the longest period of time I have lived anywhere other than my parents house growing up.  The second longest period of time I lived in a rental was in college, when I lived in the same townhouse with 3 friends for 2 years.  Everything else has been between 7 months & a year.  I've moved a lot.  You might say I'm a professional :)

One of the things that I like about moving is purging.  I looooooove a good purge.  By that I mean, getting rid of tons of STUFF.  I really try to get something out of the house whenever I bring something new in, but sometimes you just can't do that.  It doesn't take long for things to build up.

From Apartment Therapy

For some reason, I have no problem throwing a lot of things out or donating them.  I love open space in my living areas, which is one reason why I'm excited about moving to a bigger place.  I've already starting getting rid of things.  I've also given myself the challenge to take something out to the trash every time I exit my house from now until the move.  I'm sure sometimes I'll bring out more than one thing, but I want to make sure I'm not leaving empty handed ever for now.  It'll be a fun challenge!

Maybe I'm weird, or maybe it's because I don't have kids (& thus a lot of things to get really sentimental over) but I'm not REALLY attached to anything in my house that I can think of.  Yea, I really like some things, I wouldn't want to give up my coffee table that I built for example, or some gifts my husband has given me, or my wedding dress or veil... I would be bummed if I lost all of those photo albums full of pictures from college (that I don't have in digital form on Dropbox like I do for most of my pics, maybe I should get on that).  But really, I'm not attached to a lot, so getting rid of things is abnormally easy for me it seems.

If I had a giant garbage, or maybe a Bagster or two & my husband would let me, I would probably empty out half of the stuff in our house, and everything in the garage except the 1 working lawn mower (we have 2 others in there that don't work) and weed-whacker.  As it is, I'm slowly getting rid of things right & left.  If I don't love it, it's gone, at least if it's mine.

I probably have the opposite problem as a lot of people who are trying to organize & purge things this winter... where it seems many might think too much about each item, I don't think enough.  If I'm on a roll, I'm just tossing things, goodbye goodbye goodbye clutter.  I imagine in a couple months there will be a few things that I think, man, I wish I didn't get rid of that.  But, I do look forward to moving into our new place with less junk, less clutter.  I look forward to only bringing things into it that we love.  It's my favorite thing about moving.  Let's just hope once we're there we can keep it that way!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Day

Oh my gosh I've been so busy this past week!  I don't think I've ever procrastinated this much with Christmas before.  I literally bought most of the gifts I'm giving over this past weekend.  I haven't made any Christmas cookies except for the bars that I brought to a cookie exchange with girlfriends and some that I made for the dogs (Mojo & my parent's dog, Bailey) as gifts, but those don't count because they are mostly made of flour & peanut butter... no sugar = no human cookie.

We purchased our tree a little over a week ago.  It's a lovely Douglas Fir this year.  Last year we got a Blue Spruce.  I like the Fir better.  It smells amazing!  I'm sitting right next to it as I type & breathing in it's wonderful scent.

I've been wanting to get a family picture with the tree, but we quite literally haven't had the time.  We'll get one eventually, maybe around New Year's.  Brendan's Dad is coming to town so maybe we'll have him take one of us so that we don't have to mess with the camera timer :)

You probably didn't see it, but I have included this little ornament on our tree this year, it's up near the very top.

That is a cut from the trunk of our first tree, last year.  I'm hoping to take cuts from our trees every year.  I am planning on buying some number stamps, so that I can stamp the year on each one.  Obviously, we got our tree off a lot, rather than cutting down our own.  That's why there's the hole in the middle, they drill holes like that in order to stand the trees up on their stands in the lots.  I would like to someday go cut down our own tree, but at least I know our trees are harvested  locally still, I like to support that.  Ours come from a little family operation.

Once again this year, hubby has to work.  He's on intensive care too, so that means long crazy days for him, and even a "call" night later this week.  Which means he's there all day.... AND all night... and will come home the next day.  Everyone in his program gets either a 5 day break for Christmas or a 5 day break for New Years.  You'd better believe I'm not thrilled he got the shaft both years so far with getting New Years.  Next year he'd better get Christmas...

So I'll be hanging out with my extended family for the holiday.  We'll put off Christmas dinner tomorrow in hopes that he'll get off work in time to make it for dinner.  My little brother is in town from Arizona, so we are super happy to have him here to join us, but I'm still bummed my husband will be unavailable.  We'll have our own "Christmas morning" later this week, probably the 28th.  Such is the life of a resident's wife... I'm sure we'll be celebrating holidays on off days forever.

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!  I will be working on eating tons of cookies that others have made since we have none in our house, and drinking wine & hanging with the little brother.  I will post again later this week with some fun gifts that I made that I can't quite share yet since I don't want the recipients to know about them!  I'll leave you with this...  Just a little reminder what Christmas is really about... that Jesus was BORN to us specifically so that he could die FOR us.

One last note, I'll be having an after-Christmas sale on Wednesday in my handbound book shop!  Use code DAYAFTERCHRISTMAS12 to get 15% off your purchase on December 26th only!
The Life of the Wife

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Cabinet Tragedy & Painting the Wall After Much Procrastination

A few weeks ago... okay, like a month and a half ago, I was hanging out in the kitchen, minding my own business, making lunch or something.  Husband was in the laundry room putting his white coat into the dryer from the washing machine (for some reason he always washes his own white coat, I think he thinks I'll mess it up somehow).  When all of a sudden there was a loud crashing sound followed by somewhat panicked yelling from hubby.  So I go running in there to find him holding up the cabinets above his head, which are only partially attached to the wall & hanging down.  These cabinets:

Yes, notice the stuff on top of them... what's up there?  Oh you know, some HAMMERS, my DRILL my SANDER & a hand vacuum, along with some other things, like a box that we use as our "junk drawer" since we don't have an actual one in the kitchen.  Inside the cabinets were laundry stuffs, towels that we use to wipe off Mojo when our back yard becomes a mud pit, the iron, more tools, and some other random things that have no other space in the house.  So yea, walking in to see that all over my husband's poor head was not very fun.

I frantically emptied all of the stuff out of them as he held it up, then we had to figure out what to do.  It was falling in such a way that there was a back board attached to the wall, then the cupboards were attached to that board.  The board was curving away from the wall on the ends, but still securely attached in the middle.  But the cupboards were still straight, so there was a gap between the middle of the board which was still secured to the wall, and the cabinets, which were being pulled out from the ends.

So we couldn't just screw the sides in more securely, and we couldn't just rip the thing down either.  So I got the screwdriver in there & started unscrewing them from the wall, keeping my leg under them to catch them when they fell, as my husband was there holding it too, but I wasn't sure he realized how heavy they were.  Once they were off the wall & squished my leg, we got them down & moved them into the garage.  The wall looked like this:

I cried.  Because I knew what was about to happen...

It stayed like this for over a month.  All of our things that were in them before were scattered around the laundry room and/or around the "guest" room/storage room.  *Sigh*  I hate clutter.

Finally this past weekend I got to painting it.  I really wanted to paint our laundry room a lighter brighter color & paint the ceiling white because this color is really pretty gross & the sloped ceiling being in the same color makes it feel really cave-like.  But, painting behind those washer & drier does not sound like a fun time AT ALL.  Especially when I'm angry about the cabinets in the first place.  So I found the ugly paint color in our garage & slapped it up there this weekend.

Now the goal is to buy some open shelving to stick up there to make it functional again & get all the stuff up off the floor from all over the house.

Sometimes with a rental, you want to make it look really nice.  Sometimes though, you need to settle for good enough.  If this was my own place, I'd have no problem buying paint & getting dirty with this whole thing & finding shelves or cabinets I really liked to put up there & make it look really good.  But, we're renting.  We aren't going to stay here forever or even for a long time really anymore.  Sometimes, I really want things to look good.  But sometimes, it's just a laundry room, and it's just a rental, and some kind of storage on the wall is better than none... as long as it's good enough, I'll be happy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Storage in a Tight Spot - How I'm Storing Things for my Etsy Store

Now that my little Etsy shop is open, I've been making lots of necklaces, & have had no place to store them.  They've been being stored... on my dinning room table.  Oops.  They were laying out in rows in the middle of the table, taking up the entire thing.  I knew that that obviously wasn't going to work long term, so I had to come up with a solution.

So I went to Home Depot on a mission to find something that I could store a lot of necklaces on in very little space.  They needed to go in the office, but I didn't have a lot of wall space leftover to just put up a bunch of nails for them to hang on all along the wall.  When I found this tie rack for $7.99, I knew I had found the perfect thing.

This tie rack has 27 pegs on it for holding ties or belts or necklaces.  Perfecto!  I can hold more than one necklace on each peg as well.  Right now, I have 2 or 3 on the pegs, but it could easily hold 4 or 5 on each.  It works well since there are two levels of pegs that are staggered some.  This helps it hold more necklaces in less space.

I brought it home & immediately attached it to the wall with the two included screws right under my box shelves in the office.  It fit there perfectly & looks great while providing amazing function in holding my necklaces & getting rid of the clutter that was previously occupying our main living area.

When you started your business, did you have to find a creative solution for storage as well?  What ideas did you come up with for housing your supplies in a tight space?  I'd love to hear some of your ideas!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Our New Gallery Wall - Our Wedding Photos Displayed

Our anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks.  2 weeks less than a year after our wedding, I finally put up our wedding photos.  'Bout time right?

This past weekend, I went to the local Ikea to grab some frames for our photos, got 'em framed & put 'em up.  I ended up taking the glass out of the frames to avoid that glare that frames can get with the glass.  Mostly because it seemed like too much on the big one, and if I was going to take it out of that one I had to take it out of all of them.  I put the glass aside for later use for something... :-)

Yea!!!!  Photos are up!  Aren't we cute?  I think the reason it took me so long to do this was just that I couldn't figure out which photos I wanted.  I'm still not sure I picked the best options, but whatever, at least I picked some!

I like how it turned out.  I'll probably add some other random things to the arrangement as time goes on, but for now it's nice to have them up.

To figure out the arrangement, I cut out pieces of craft paper in the sizes of the frames, and taped them up on the wall, using painters take between them to figure out the spacing.  I then hammered in the nails through the paper, then tore the paper & tape off as I put up each frame.

I do still have quite a bit of space open on the other side of that wall that I don't know what to do with.  I thought about centering this arrangement on the wall, but I didn't think it'd take up enough of the wall to look right.  So, I'll be thinking about finding something else to put separately there to the right between this arrangement & the next window.

Do you have a photo gallery wall in your home?  How did you arrange it?  Did it take you almost a full year to get some wedding photos up too?

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Peak into Our Mudroom / Laundry / Pantry / DUNGEON!

Yep, it really is a dungeon.  Not only does it not have any windows, it also has the light burned out in one of the overheads.  AND it has a hideous color on the walls AND the ceiling.  What am I talking about?  I'm talking about our laundry room, which is also our back mud room and our pantry as well.  Oh my gosh I'm kinda scared to show you these pictures...

Do you see what I mean.  These pictures were obviously taken with basically no natural light, uh, since there isn't any in there.  Also, you can see the light that is out...

Ugh, notice the painted ceiling.  Who does that!?  It's like a cave!  You can also see that the space is very small.  The door to the room is off to the side, so it's hard to take pictures of the space.  However, you get the idea.  Small, cluttered, stuff everywhere, yea that's what's goin' on right now.  I didn't clean up at all for these pictures so it is what it is.

This space is also our pantry.  We don't have a pantry in the kitchen, so we added this large shelf from Target to the room to hold food-stuffs & also a lot of our small kitchen gadgets.

But don't worry!  I have so many plans for this space!  First of all, that ceiling is going to be painted WHITE, and obviously, the light bulb in the one light fixture will be replaced.  Then, I really want to paint stripes in here.  Like these

Mini Manor Blog
I'll have to empty the whole room out to do this, which is a good thing!  My shelves need some organizing.  I'd love for my "pantry" to look more like this

The Social Home
I will totally be hitting up the dollar store for some pretty containers to help with organizing that area!

We also store all of our cleaning supplies in this room, including our vacuum & steam mop.  They are currently kinda all over the place, but for these, I plan on building a cleaning closet to put up against the wall to hold all of those cleaning things.  It will contain a big area for the vacuum, plus lots of little shelves & hooks for all of those extra cleaning supplies.  I have found a few online that I like the look of, that I'll likely base my design off of.  Ones like this

Better Homes & Gardens
Or this

IHeart Organizing
Lastly, we also store our recycling, bottles for return, and dog food all in this space.  So much stuff, so little space!  See why I need some major organizing solutions?  Don't worry though Ana White has me covered!  I'll build one of these for recycling & bottles

Ana White
And one of these for the dog food

Ana White
Can you picture it.  Think of my little space all organized with these items... I can see it!  It will look so much brighter & cleaner!

I'm sure this project will take me a while.  Since racing season has started I've been a lot slower because I rarely have a day off work to get things done.  Plus, I still have one pretty big project to do in the master bedroom before I can get started on this.  But, it'll get done eventually & I'm pretty excited about all of the ideas I have planned.  Are you planning any major room overhauls this summer?

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spray Painted Brass Lamp - Light For Our Bedroom

Do you remember this lamp that I told  you I bought & was trying to think what I wanted to do with it?  Well, that was like, MONTHS ago, and I finally got my act together & fixed it up!  This lamp is now in our bedroom on my bedside table.  Check it out!

Yea!  I"m so excited about how this turned out!  I ended up spray painting this lamp ORANGE!  Lovely!  I figured since it's supposed to be the color of the year, I should add it into a little piece of my decor.  The bedroom seemed like an ideal place since it was previously pretty much just brown, white & light blue.  So now there's this pop of orange which is a lovely way to perk up the room with a little punch of color.

I'd been wanting a lamp in our bedroom for a while.  We haven't had any bedside lamps, so whenever I was reading in bed, when I finished, I had to get up to walk to the light switch by the door in order to turn the floor lamp off.  Now, I have this lamp bedside which is so much more convenient.

As you may recall, this lamp was nothing special.  Here it is all taped up & ready to paint.

Just your everyday brass lamp.  Pretty cool shape though, & as I recall it was pretty inexpensive. The shade was pretty disgusting though.   It had some major stains on it & was pretty much not salvageable for this.  There's the Valspar paint that I used there in the background of this picture. 

I applied 3 coats of really thin spay paint.  I wanted to make sure that I didn't have any drips.  I also tried to make sure that I sprayed it from many different angles to get into all of its little nooks & crannies.  I love that the weather is now good enough to use my spray paint!  Hooray!

Once it was dry I brought that baby inside & placed it on my nightstand.  I went to Target for a lampshade, and while there, I saw a lamp they had for sale that was almost EXACTLY like mine.  Only it was yellow instead of orange.  Same kind of shape, same kind of size.  I was all bummed that I didn't have my camera with me, but don't worry I found it for you!  You can see it here.  Tee hee!

Ok, so I got a lampshade for about $18 & stuck it on my lamp, & it was amazing :)

Yea for pretty lamps!  I'm totally a fan.  The color is fun & I LOVE having that light there!  Woot, happiness!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Basement Laundry Room - Complete Build

A few months ago, my parents decided to update their laundry area.  My parents live in the same house I grew up in, and their laundry has always been in the basement.  I'm about to show you why my dad is a flippin' expert on all things building & home DIY related.  At least I think so.  He's talented in fixing things & building things for the home on a budget.  When I was young, he built our swing set (made of wood, by scratch, his own design) our shed, our back deck, the extension to the back deck, the dog house, the wooden path to our front porch... the list goes on & on.

They also are constantly renovating & making updates & changes to their home.  So as I said, their laundry is in the basement.  At this time it looks like this.

Just a couple of months ago, it looked like this.

WOAH!  I know right?  Oh that dresser in the front that you see the back of here, that's the dresser they gave me for our tv stand project.  Here it is from that same angle.

The shelves on the left there my dad built for storage when I was younger.  The cabinets above the machines were actually my idea.  My dad had been putting this project off because he wasn't sure what to do with that back wall.  He wanted to be able to have access to all of that stuff, the pipes & things, behind the washer & drier.  I thought he could put open cabinets up there, each with a shelf or two, which would give Mom storage for her laundry things, as well as cover the ugly, while still providing access to those things.  I dreamed, he executed!

He also put in a drop ceiling.  I went to Home Depot with him when he got the materials.  It takes a lot of math to figure out all the materials needed for a drop ceiling.  We argued over the math for a while, but we figured it out eventually.  He also put in the recessed lighting, for which there is a new light switch right outside the door to the room.

It also has a raised floor.  Thus, it's not as cold & hard to stand on as the cement basement floor, and also it is a protection in case the washing machine floods or leaks at all at some point.  They also put a little counter top in the corner for folding & sorting.  We don't really iron in our family, but Mom got a new little tiny ironing board as well... see it there on the ground unopened :-)

This is a better picture of the storage shelves that my dad build a long time ago.  They were just brown ugly shelves before, but they decided to but doors on the top shelves to hide away some things, while leaving the bottom shelves open.  Mom laid down some new liners on the shelves, and they painted the whole thing as well.  It's so pretty now!

So that's an introduction to my parent's awesomeness.  They did this project very inexpensively, considering all that had to be done, electric work, building walls, putting up drywall, lighting, ceiling, cabinets, painting, counter, floor... it was also done very quickly.  Within a month of time.

Apparently we need to hurry up & buy a house so that my dad can help me fix it up before they move away some day.  He always reminds me of this haha!

So what do you think?  Didn't they do a great job?  I know, I have rockstar parents :-)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Simple Bedskirt - Beautified!

As you may have figured out, I've been slowly but surely updating our bedroom.  Our bedroom wasn't really decorated at all for the past 4 years, but now the focus is on it.  Thus far, I've painted my dresser, painted the walls, added some art to the walls in the form of painted ceiling tins, and painted my bedside table, as well as my husband's.  We also just got our duvet cover as a wedding gift, so that's new too, although I don't have any pictures of what it looked like before.

Next up on the list was a bedskirt.  I don't think I've ever had a bedskirt.  Our bed just sits on a simple metal bed frame, so we really have needed one to cover the frame & the box spring we use.  I had a gift card to Amazon, so I spent about $18 of it on a super simple tan Queen sized bed skirt.

Our bedding is brown, so I thought it was probably best to go with the simple tan so as to not clash.  However, I really want to bring more color into the room.  It feels very beige currently.  So, I decided to add a bit of trim to the bottom of the skirt to update it & make it a little prettier while adding a bit of color.

I bought about 7 yards of a ribbon trim & had it cut at JoAnn Fabrics.  I was looking for a light blue-grey ribbon & found this one that I like with some velvety ribbon.  I used hot glue to attach the ribbon to the edge of the bedskirt.  I used the seam as a guide, placing the bottom edge of the ribbon right at the seam line.

I feel like it adds a little big of color to the bed, without clashing with the rest of the bedding.

I had originally wanted to do a blue bedskirt, but I'm glad I didn't, as I think it wouldn't have looked right.  I do want to add a light blue throw to the end of the bed to add another bit of the color there.

Sorry it's kinda hard to take in the whole room with these pictures, the room is very small & I took these "whole room" pictures by standing with my tripod in the hallway to try to get the most room in the pics.

Have you updated your bed lately?  I still need some new bedside lamps, some more art for the blank walls, a headboard, a throw, some kind of window treatments.  Oie, so much to do!  Good thing it's fun!

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