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April Series: Spring Cleaning – Bathrooms
Operation Love My Rental ruadb / May 22, 2022

After cleaning the big, purge-intensive master bedroom last week, I wanted something a little easier this week. So I’m going with the bathrooms.

Bathrooms, to me, are not super fun to clean, but they aren’t super hard. I normally clean each of my two bathrooms every other week, one then the other. Back & forth. So they never get SUPER dirty. That’s when it’s really no fun. Plus I wipe down our sinks every day, which helps a ton.

Spring Cleaning Bathrooms

But this week, it is time to deep clean both bathrooms. What does this look like? Well for me, I will be doing my normal cleaning schedule, including:

Plus I’ll be adding these extra tasks:

Yea, it’s not super exciting, but it’s not too hard either, especially when you do it a little at a time. I did my normal cleaning stuff over the weekend on both baths, so I’m focusing on the detailed stuff this week. Just a couple of things a day & we’re good! Since we just moved, the most time-intensive thing on this list isn’t bad for me… but before our move, it would have taken me a little while to clean out my cabinets. We had a ton of random stuff down there! Plus going through my makeup & lotions & such can take a while. But right now, my bathrooms are really slimmed down, so it’s not bad at all!

I actually don’t mind cleaning the bathrooms. It’s much better than cleaning the kitchen!!! (That’s my least favorite). How about you? Do you really hate it or not mind it so much?

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