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Best 43 Inch 4k TVs Reviews 2021
LED & LCD TVs ruadb / May 20, 2022

Manufacturers have a tendency to market the latest, biggest, and most expensive TV models to their customers. The truth is, many buyers do not wish to purchase such models. Turn your attention to something worth investing in rather than the newest models at the highest price.

Other brands, such as Samsung and LG, have improved their proprietary technology and integrated artificial intelligence into their products.

On your next 43-inch screen television, why not enjoy an unbeatable viewing experience? Pick the best 43 inch 4k TV from the list below! You can choose one of the models reviewed here.

What’s The Best 43 Inch 4k TVs?

For many consumers, 43-inch televisions are a perfect addition to their living rooms and bedrooms. The detailed image is visible from a suitable viewing distance. A display with a wide color gamut and a high contrast ratio should be used. Streaming services should have catch-up functionality without requiring additional boxes.

You will all enjoy having it as your companion, whether you love gaming, movies, or TV shows. It should support several modes of connectivity. When you’re on a budget, these 4k TVs are the best option.

Samsung 43-inch Q60T meets all the criteria in our extensive research and analysis!

Best 43 Inch 4K TV Reviews 2021

Reviews of TVs I write have been based on hours of research and on the latest technology offered by leading brands.

Best Overall: TCL 43-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV

TCL’s 43″ 4K TV is the only 43″ TV on the market with such features and specs at such an affordable price. Furthermore, with the Roku app built-in, you have access to thousands of popular content right away.

Here are some features that make the TCL S435 so special. Externally, this phone appears as a regular smartphone with minimal bezels. Unfortunately, the back panel is made of plastic.

Further, the remote has a cheap feel and appearance. Nevertheless, it is a satisfactory compromise for the price. Furthermore, this model is not compatible with VRR and Dolby Vision.

TV’s peak brightness does not suffice in well-lit areas. Do not lose hope just yet, as this model has a lot of good points.

TCL TVs come with good software that is useful to customers. They include Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi. The TCL S435 can be controlled easily with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Another benefit is the sleep timer. Therefore, your TV won’t turn off while you’re watching it, and you’ll be able to sleep well.

The TCL 43S435 doesn’t quite compete with its competitors when it comes to specs and features. It is, however, significantly cheaper than most of its competitors. Take a look.

  • Affordably priced
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • A wide range of solid colors
  • Roku offers thousands of content options
  • There are several ways to connect
  • Support for smartphone apps for convenient use
  • Easily controlled by voice

Runner-Up: SAMSUNG QLED Q60A Series

Having neither HDMI 2.1 nor Dolby Vision support puts the Q60A in an awkward position. This product is ranked second because of its higher price tag.

Furthermore, this Samsung QLED TV has a lot of great features you will love to learn about. Let’s take a look. 

The Samsung Q60A is better suited to those who appreciate Samsung’s design and have a tight budget. Firstly, I’d like to point out the great remote control from Samsung. There are solar panels on the device. Therefore, it will never run out of power. There are only a few buttons on the device.

As you know, the TCL S435 does not perform well in bright rooms, so I recommended a model that would work better.

Furthermore, the picture quality is much better than that of competitors who cost less than 500 dollars.

Samsung Q60A has a better design than its predecessors and a better image quality. Because the price is not in the higher range, it should be higher. The price for a 43″ Q60A is under $600.

  • Remote control of high quality
  • An attractive and sleek design
  • A brighter picture
  • With HDR, you can reproduce colors well
  • The wall-mounting feature is convenient
  • A height-adjustable stand with cable management
  • An easy-to-use Tizen OS
  • There is no HDMI 2.1 port, which is surprising

Best for Good Color: SAMSUNG QN43Q60TAFXZA 43 inch Class Q60T

A number of 43-inch 4K tvs under 500 dollars do not offer QLED, but not all. Introducing the 43-inch Q60T Samsung QLED display. A QLED display or quantum-dot LED screen offers the best panel technologies, HDR support, a wide range of apps, and the smallest screen size available in QLED technology.

With a 43 inch screen and narrow footprint, the 43 inch Q60T has a sleek design. Slim bezels minimize the amount of space taken up. Plastic is used for the chassis, which makes it feel sturdy. The boomerang-shaped base is made from sturdy plastic so that it has a firm foundation.

In addition to superior contrast and color performance, the dual-LED backlight provides different color temperatures. You can enjoy crisp, vivid images with this TV as it supports HDR content.

The new model features three HDMI ports and an ARC port. Some may find that three ports aren’t enough. Three apps should be sufficient, since all your apps will be available through the Tizen OS.

The back of the TV contains ports that may prove difficult for those who frequently swap out devices. Be aware of this before you buy! Furthermore, you can use the Samsung SmartThings app to automatically detect your TV and guide you through the installation process. As one of Samsung’s best additions, Amazon Alexa is improved on this model.

As for the sound, the speakers provide a wide sound with Dolby Audio support and are best at handling dialogue.

Its slower processor and lower refresh rate may make it inferior to other models. The fact that it is so crisp and vivid, however, makes it the best.

You can purchase the Samsung Q60T with full confidence if you’re looking for a premium experience without spending a fortune. An impressive design, Amazon Alexa, Tizen OS, and QLED screen make it a great entertainment device.

  • Color is superior and details are crisp
  • It is remarkable how uniform the black is.
  • Good handling of reflections.
  • Tizen platform for smart TVs upgraded
  • Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant compatible
  • Native contrast is outstanding.
  • Input lag is extremely low.
  • The screen dims at the edges and has a limited viewing angle
  • Dimming is not available locally.

Buying Guide: Best 43 inch TV 2021


A common type of TV is the LCD/LED/OLED. LCD and LED TVs are most popular. Displays with LCD screens typically use LEDs.

If you are considering buying an LCD LED TV, consider how the panel is illuminated. There are some models with LEDs installed around the edges of the screen that offer side-lit panels.

A second LCD technology included in these sets in addition to nanocrystal dots is quantum dots. These allow for more contrast and color to be seen on these televisions.

The organic LED coating used in OLED TVs replaces the backlight of LCD TVs, resulting in deep blacks and an impressive contrast ratio.

Refresh Rate

Hertz or Hz are most commonly used to measure refresh rates. The screen will refresh every second if a photo is displayed. Additionally, 120Hz TVs are becoming more popular. Most TVs have a 60Hz refresh rate. Fast-paced action scenes will be smoother if the refresh rate is higher. A gamer can choose a TV that has a high refresh rate, although most game consoles are limited to 60 fps.


High dynamic range, or HDR, is a feature of 4K Ultra HD packages. Displaying more colors with HDR allows for better contrast and clarity. It has become standard to use HDR materials. HDR benefits from Dolby Vision, so make sure your package supports it.


The TV can be connected in many ways. There are a number of devices that can be connected to a TV through this issue, including sound bars, streaming sticks, and consoles. Consider buying a TV with at least four HDMI ports, and preferably one that supports HDMI 2.1. HDMI 2.1 has been implemented in a number of TV models recently.

Smart TV

Television sets are increasingly equipped with Wi-Fi so they can be connected to the Internet. Games, Netflix movies, apps, and on-demand movies are all available on these models. They all have different operating systems and interfaces. However, some are better than others. Brands that provide budget-friendly smart TVs may not specify their network.


You should listen to a TV’s sound before buying it. You must increase the wattage if you want to increase volume. Watch loud action movies before buying one. Make sure you know whether high volumes cause thin or distorted sound. Make sure the voices are clear.

Contrast Ratio

The brightness of TVs depends on the contrast ratio. You will be able to see more subtle shadows and hues, as well as more detail, with higher contrast ratios. Adjust your TV’s brightness and sharpness to get the picture you want.

FAQs – Best 43 Inch 4k TVs

Ultra HD and 4K are the same thing?

A screen that has a resolution of 4K is called a 4K screen. The horizontal resolution of a TV that has a 4K resolution is 4,096 pixels. “4K” and “UHD” are usually used interchangeably. The two are, however, technical terms. The resolution of a UHD TV is typically 3,840 x 2,160.

How does HDR work?

Videos with high dynamic range display a great deal more information than normal video signals. It has the same resolution as UHD, but a wider color gamut and more light per pixel.


According to you, which 43-inch 4K TV is the best? Despite the fact that there is no perfect TV, I am confident that the ones on my list will satisfy you. Be sure to read each review thoroughly to pick the right one for you.

Remember to grab the 43-inch TVs instead of a jumbo wonder-screen when you can’t fit a giant screen into your life!

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