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Best Water Purifier Services In Chennai
Jei Aqua Tech ruadb / May 21, 2022

I recently purchased a water purifier after doing extensive research over the course of eight days, and I would say that the prowess of the booster pump installed in the water purifier is one of the most vital factors that influence my decision.

Effectiveness of the Booster Pump/Electric Motor

It is the booster pump, also known as the motor of the water purifier, which is responsible for sucking water through all the layers and filters of the purifier from its inlet to its outlet. The cost of the water purifier is almost 30% of its overall cost because of its extreme importance. Some brands, however, install low-quality, inferior booster pumps in their water purifiers to reduce manufacturing costs.

Water flows slowly through the filters because of the weak booster pump, which leads to a low water flow rate and thus a slow filling time for the storage tank. Additionally, such booster pumps often fail after a few months of use, therefore requiring frequent repairs/replacements, which results in recurring profits for manufacturers.

Also, the capacity of the storage tank is an important consideration when purchasing a water purifier.

Storage Tank Capacity

It is a good idea to consider one’s family size when deciding how much to spend. Here is the tank capacity that one should choose in order to satisfy his or her needs when purchasing a water purifier.

A water purifier with a capacity of 7 liters is sufficient to serve the needs of a family of just 1 to 4 people, since most of the food is prepared at home using water taken from the water purifier.

To meet the water consumption and food preparation needs of 5 to 8 individuals, a water purifier with a storage tank capacity of up to 10 liters is adequate.

It would be wise to choose a water purifier that comes with at least 12 liters of water storage capacity for households with more than eight members.

Along with the insights shared above, other factors, such as the ability of the various water disinfection technologies – RO / RO+UV / RO+UV+UF, etc. – utilized to purify water, the durability of the heat sink installed within the water purifier, and the effectiveness of the semi-permeable membrane, play a major role in determining the product that best suits your needs.

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