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Dollar Store Craft Ideas – Summer Seashell Wreath
Crafts and Sewing ruadb / May 18, 2022

Hello! I’m Sarah & I blog over at Renewed Upon a Dream. I’m so excited to be here at Romance on a Dime to share a simple summer wreath I made for $2 total with supplies I got at the Dollar Store. It’s super simple but very summery!

Here are my supplies. A wreath & a basket is full of seashells. The seashell basket actually had a lot more shells than I was expecting. I kinda figured since this was a dollar store purchase, that the top layer would be the shells & then underneath those top shells would be stuffing. But that was not the case. The whole thing was filled with shells & there was a TON of them.

dollar store craft ideas

That’s a lot don’t you think? I organized my shells & got my hot glue gun ready. I started with the large shells, then added in smaller ones to fill in the spaces on the wreath. Hot gluing shells on a wreath can be difficult. I glued a few on that later when I went to glue another one into the area, I found they weren’t well attached & had to re-glue them. I found that it was helpful to test out the shell in the area I wanted to place it to see where the shell was hitting the surface. Then I put glue on the actual wreath and pressed the shell into the glue.

Done! I tied on a piece of red ribbon I had laying around and put her up inside the house on our bedroom door. I didn’t want to put it outside because I’m not sure it would hold up to the elements too well, but indoors it’ll be fine.

I was totally impressed with the dollar store seashells. I think my wreath turned out pretty well. I love doing little crafty projects that are cute but don’t take up a lot of cash.

We don’t have a beachy themed house at all, but this seashell wreath is just a touch of beach & reminds me of Lake Michigan.

Have you made a summer wreath yet this season? What’s your latest project made entirely from supplies found at the dollar store?

Thank you so much Betsy for having me here as a guest poster!

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