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I Finally Got the Bedroom Painted
Home Decor ruadb / May 22, 2022

This past Sunday was pretty exciting *slash* busy. Operation Love My Rental is in full swing!

I woke up early because I knew I had a big day ahead of me. It was a bedroom painting day! Woot! Time to get rid of the pinky-beigey-white & make it more oatmealy-beigey-white. I chose Behr paint & primer in one, Ostrich in an eggshell finish. Saturday I had taken everything down off of the walls & speckled the places that needed it- a crack in one wall, and some nail & screw holes in various places. So Sunday I was all set to get moving! Here’s the before:

And here’s the after!


I decided to do two walls at a time. I moved all of my furniture away from those two walls & piled it into the opposite corner. I started by cutting in on the two walls I was doing first, which I just did with an angled brush. I didn’t feel like taping it off, so I didn’t, and I actually did a really good job, pretty proud of myself. When that was finished I did the first coat of paint on those two walls. Then I left it to dry while I went to church. When I got back, it was ready for the second coat!

When I had finished the second coat, I waited an hour, then started moving my stuff into the opposite corner so I could do the other two walls. Oh, and while the first coat dried on those two walls, I baked chocolate chip cookies. I was finally finished at around 5:30 pm. It was a full day.

I am SO happy with how it turned out though. The color is perfect! I was also able to scrub the baseboards and clean any dust (& dog fur) bunnies that were hiding under the bed since I was moving it around so much. Our room looks spectacular now! So excited to get moving on some of the other things I have planned for in there.

I know the walls look pretty bare now, but I’ll fix that soon enough. Sorry, the pictures kinda make it hard to visualize. The room is quite small (11×10.5, minus that cut out for the door to the hall there, so that takes a couple of square feet out of that corner too, but it’s the largest bedroom in our house), so all of these were taken standing as scrunched in the corner as I could manage. The first picture is probably the best representation of the exact color.

So what do you think of the new color?

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