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My Childhood Dresser, Refinished!
Furniture ruadb / May 22, 2022

My husband & I each have our own dressers. Mine sits in our bedroom, he sits in our office across the hall. We both use the dressers that we’ve had since our childhood. I wanted to give mine an update so that it would lighten up the room some & just be prettier. So here’s what my dresser looked like before I gave her a makeover:

Yep, not very cute right? Notice I already had all of my supplies out & sitting next to it before I remembered to take this picture.

Right after taking this picture, I took all of the drawers out, put them outside on the back patio & removed the hardware. I then pulled the dresser outside as well. I spray painted the hardware with an oil rubbed bronze by Rust-Oleum. It’s so pretty when you use it outside, it sparkles! Anyway, the next step was to sand the whole thing down. I did this by hand, just to get it a little scratched up so that the paint would adhere. Then I swiped on some primer. I use KILZ General Purpose Interior water-based primer.

I only used one coat of primer, and once that was dry, I got to painting. I used a small, corner paint roller to paint the dresser. It went on really smoothly & I only needed one coat w/ some touch-ups. The paint I used was Behr in “Prelude” in an eggshell finish. This is a grey-blue color. I just got a quart of it, and I had a ton leftover for future projects.

After painting & letting it dry, I sanded her down to give her a little bit of a worn-in look & bring out some of the details of the piece. Not a ton of distressing, but just enough. Once it was looking at how I wanted, I broke out the wax & got to waxing it. I use Minwax Paste Finishing Wax just because it’s easy to get at our local Home Depot. Let it sit a couple of hours then buff it with a rag.

Once buffed, I replaced the hardware, brought it back into the bedroom & put the drawers back in. Isn’t she bee beautiful!?!?

I really love the color that we picked. I actually brought home the graduated paint chip this was on & liked the color that was one shade lighter than this one. Brendan liked this one though. So we brought them to my parent’s place a couple of weeks ago & asked them. Mom agreed with me, Dad agreed with Brendan. I eventually did decide to go with this one though after asking a few more people & I’m soo glad I did. Good eye hubs… you were right…

My Childhood Dresser, Refinished!

I LOVE it even more than I thought I would. It looks perfect in our room & goes great with the look I have in mind from my master bedroom mood board that I shared last week.

So what do you think? Brendan picked a good color, didn’t he? The point, Brendan. Sigh… it’s so lovely!

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