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A Simple Bedskirt – Beautified!
Crafts and Sewing ruadb / May 21, 2022

As you may have figured out, I’ve been slowly but surely updating our bedroom. Our bedroom wasn’t really decorated at all for the past 4 years, but now the focus is on it. Thus far, I’ve painted my dresser, painted the walls, added some art to the walls in the form of painted ceiling tins, and painted my bedside table, as well as my husband’s. We also just got our duvet cover as a wedding gift, so that’s new too, although I don’t have any pictures of what it looked like before.


Next up on the list was a bed skirt. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bed skirt. Our bed just sits on a simple metal bed frame, so we really have needed one to cover the frame & the box spring we use. I had a gift card to Amazon, so I spent about $18 of it on a super simple tan Queen sized bed skirt.

Our bedding is brown, so I thought it was probably best to go with the simple tan so as to not clash. However, I really want to bring more color into the room. It feels very beige currently. So, I decided to add a bit of trim to the bottom of the skirt to update it & make it a little prettier while adding a bit of color.

I bought about 7 yards of a ribbon trim & had it cut at JoAnn Fabrics. I was looking for a light blue-grey ribbon & found this one that I like with some velvety ribbon. I used hot glue to attach the ribbon to the edge of the bed skirt. I used the seam as a guide, placing the bottom edge of the ribbon right at the seam line.

I feel like it adds a little bit of color to the bed, without clashing with the rest of the bedding.

I had originally wanted to do a blue bed skirt, but I’m glad I didn’t, as I think it wouldn’t have looked right. I do want to add a light blue throw to the end of the bed to add another bit of the color there.

Sorry, it’s kinda hard to take in the whole room with these pictures, the room is very small & I took these “whole room” pictures by standing with my tripod in the hallway to try to get the most room in the pics.

Have you updated your bed lately? I still need some new bedside lamps, some more art for the blank walls, a headboard, a throw, some kind of window treatments. Oie, so much to do! Good thing it’s fun!

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