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Storage in a Tight Spot – How I’m Storing Things for my Etsy Store
Home Decor ruadb / May 19, 2022

Now that my little Etsy shop is open, I’ve been making lots of necklaces, & have had no place to store them. They’ve been being stored… on my dining room table. Oops. They were laying out in rows in the middle of the table, taking up the entire thing. I knew that that obviously wasn’t going to work long term, so I had to come up with a solution.

So I went to Home Depot on a mission to find something that I could store a lot of necklaces on in very little space. They needed to go to the office, but I didn’t have a lot of wall space leftover to just put up a bunch of nails for them to hang on all along the wall. When I found this tie rack for $7.99, I knew I had found the perfect thing.

Storage in a Tight Spot

This tie rack has 27 pegs on it for holding ties or belts or necklaces. Perfecto! I can hold more than one necklace on each peg as well. Right now, I have 2 or 3 on the pegs, but it could easily hold 4 or 5 on each. It works well since there are two levels of pegs that are staggered some. This helps it hold more necklaces in less space.

I brought it home & immediately attached it to the wall with the two included screws right under my box shelves in the office. It fit there perfectly & looks great while providing amazing function in holding my necklaces & getting rid of the clutter that was previously occupying our main living area.

When you started your business, did you have to find a creative solution for storage as well? What ideas did you come up with for housing your supplies in a tight space? I’d love to hear some of your ideas!

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