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The Best Lightweight Folding Wagon For Babies
Garden Carts ruadb / May 18, 2022

The wagon is an essential element when we have a baby. Although their use is recommended from 6 months, they adopt a more upright posture and it is necessary for the baby to have greater control of their movements. Therefore, the development of each baby must be taken into account before switching to lightweight strollers.

Some lightweight wagons allow their use from birth, adding a soft carrycot or nest to the chair. We only recommend this option for occasional use. A good carrycot from a wagon is the best option for the baby’s rest.

If you are looking for the best folding wagon, we will tell you in this post what you must take into account to get it right.

best folding wagon

Light strollers

First of all, we must take into account the space limitations we have for the baby wagon. The size of our trunk, or of the elevator, can determine our choice. Also the type of folding, and if we usually travel by plane, if the dimensions of the chair allow it to be used as cabin luggage.

Second, and perhaps most important of all, the comfort of the baby. Your child will spend a lot of time in his wagon.

Many baby wagons have little recline, nor the possibility of adding a footrest or front bar. Surely you have ever noticed, especially in beach places, those children sleeping in an umbrella-style chair, totally disjointed and sweaty. Those kinds of cheap and uncomfortable strollers are the ones to avoid.

What should we take into account when choosing the best lightweight wagons?

If you are looking for the best wagons, they should be well padded, with a wide and deep seat or so that the child has enough space as he grows.

It must also have an optimal recline to allow the child to rest. Normally they do not recline up to 180º, since it affects the stability and increases the risk of tipping. But they must have enough recline so that the baby can maintain a comfortable posture when sleeping.

We advise you to look for padded , comfortable and easy to adjust harnesses .

A wide hood , with sun protection and good ventilation, is essential for a stroller to be comfortable for the child.

The running-in and suspension of the lightweight stroller are also key aspects to consider. Many cheap and poor quality buggies are no longer lightweight as soon as you push them with your baby inside. Climbing a hill with your child inside can turn into a hellish nightmare.

The type of folding is also another important element. Being able to fold the light stroller with one hand while holding your child with the other to get him on a bus, is a small detail that can be very present in your day today and make your life much easier. Finally, the type of handlebar , size of the basket and ease of access to it, are also elements that we must take into account to choose the most complete baby stroller that best suits our needs.

Buy the lightest stroller

If you want to buy the lightest stroller, here is our selection of 3 of the best strollers: UPPAbaby Minu, Joolz Aer and Ergobaby Metro 2021. They all weigh only 6 kilos, the premium features of a good baby stroller, and are suitable for carrying in the airplane cabin, thanks to their reduced folding.

Uppababy Minu

UPPAbaby Minu is the lightweight stroller from the prestigious American brand, which in recent years has revolutionized the world of premium baby strollers.

The quality of its finishes is obvious, with 100% natural leather grain handlebars. Its light and resistant chassis gives it extraordinary lightness and maneuverability, on any terrain.

Joolz Aer

The new Joolz Aer stroller is the latest from the Dutch brand. Joolz carries out his Postive Design philosophy: happy parents, happy children. They have taken into account even the smallest detail to make life easier for us when designing Joolz Aer. As light and comfortable to carry as a bag, thanks to its elastic handle.

The interior is very spacious and spacious, and it is an ideal stroller for older children.
Joolz offers us the possibility of adding a lot of accessories, thus completing its functionalities. From the mosquito net, rain cover, sun cover, or the matching organizer.

Joolz Aer does not have the option of use from newborn, although we have the Joolz Hub stroller , compact and light, without giving up all the comforts for the baby.

Like all Joolz chairs and strollers, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Nothing speaks better of its extraordinary quality.

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