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The Best Turntables You Can Buy Today
Turntables ruadb / May 22, 2022

Vinyl is experiencing an impressive renaissance. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, we learned that more music equipment is sold on vinyl right now than on CD. That, to be frank, is great news for music lovers who enjoy listening to their favorite music at the highest quality. And it means the return of a format that many considered dead with the arrival of the CD format back in the 80s.

The only downside is the price of the vinyl itself, which many times practically force you to ask for a mortgage in order to pay for the acquisition of something that, before this new boom, created dust in the stores of record stores. The good news is that with this vinyl renaissance, turntables have begun to abound in stores, both physical and online, and prices have dropped considerably.

If you are going to start building a good sound system at home, or you are an inveterate music lover and want to unleash your passion, we are going to give you some tips to choose the best turntable under 300.

best turntable under 300

How to find your perfect turntable

The most consistent thing is that you start your search by determining how much you want to spend and what functions you want.

Do you have active speakers? If the turntable has a built-in preamp it will allow you to connect them directly, eliminating the need for additional components. But, the most normal thing is that the most demanding want to get an independent preamplifier.

On the other hand, a turntable that has a pre-installed cartridge (yes, that element where the needle goes) eliminates the hassle of selecting and installing one, but audio experts are often very particular when it comes to choosing this kind of thing, and the most normal thing is to choose one to suit the consumer. Then you have to decide which drive system is right for you. Those that use a belt drive are quieter than direct drives, but that type of chainring involves having to manually change the belt to change gears. It’s more uncomfortable, but it’s worth it sonically.

Here are some pro tips:

Next, we are going to comment on six highly recommended models that you can buy on Amazon.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120X

With a spectacular design, it follows in the wake of the legendary Technics 1200. It has a built-in preamp, so you can connect it directly to your speakers. Like its predecessor, it has a USB port, so you can digitize your discs. And as a curiosity, it has the option of choosing a speed of 78 rpm, in case you want to go to antique stores to get 10-inch discs.

Sony PS-HX500

The PS-HX500 first hit the market in 2016, offering the option of a USB output for digitizing music, and ideal sound quality to convince all vinyl lovers. It supports phono and line output for playback via its built-in amplifier or the external phonograph equalizer. A true song to the most technological present, and to the most glorious past of music.

Pro-Ject Project Pri E

Quality at a very interesting price. Handmade in Europe, which is always a plus. It features a lightweight, high-precision aluminum arm with sapphire bearings for optimal performance. Assemble a silicone strap and a low vibration motor.

Dual DT 400 USB

One of the best turntables you can buy considering its value for money. It is automatic, has a magnetic cartridge system, and USB to digitize your entire vinyl collection. The platter is made of aluminum and rotates at 33 and 45 RPM. and it has a built-in amplifier.

Denon DP-300F

Denon has always been a brand synonymous with quality. And this model is a good example of it. It features a precision cast aluminum platter, automatic start/stop system, built-in equalizer, and belt drive. In addition, to guarantee the sound quality, it has a very effective anti-vibration system.

Pioneer PL-30-K

A cymbal without many filigrees, but with first-rate sound quality, as is often the case with all Pioneer products. It is automatic and has a tonearm with an interchangeable head, and an equalizer that allows you to connect amplifiers without a phono terminal, or external phono equalizers.

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